Seaglider O’ahu Tests

Seaglider Hawaii

The Hawaii Kite Crossing Team has been testing a new device that enables a hybrid of sailing and flying. Designed in France by Stephane Rousson and Minh-Lôc Truong, Seaglider is a revolutionary hydrofoil design that allows the rider/pilot to stay airborne above the ocean for extended periods.

Check out our latest video and stay tuned for more amazing footage soon!

Sea Glider Test 1 Nov15th 2012 from Paul Franco on Vimeo.

A Crossing

Peace and safe journeys to all in the new year

2010 Video

‘Alenuihāhā channel kite crossing from Paul Franco on Vimeo.

For completeness, this video of the 2010 Big Island to Maui crossing added to the feed.

July 2nd 2010, Paul Franco & Aaron Culliney crossed the ‘Alenuihāhā channel (Big Island to Maui) on kites (first time ever), with no support boat.
The ‘Alenuihāhā channel lived up to our expectations: we encountered all conditions and major challenges. It was an adventure!

Thanks again to Don Mastrangelo’s , , our family, friends, loved ones and our supporters online! Also thanks to Robin Cobb for monitoring and updating the live map feed!


Crossing successful!

The Hawai’i Kite Crossing team is happy to announce our official safe arrival at Kaupo, Maui!

Some highlights from the crossing…

More photos (and video) soon!

Thanks again to Don Mastrangelo’s HawaiianGPS, Naish Kites, and our family, friends, loved ones, . . . → Read More: Crossing successful!

Live GPS Link

Thanks again to Hawaiian GPS for providing live tracking devices for the next channel crossing!

You will be able to follow the riders as they cross the ‘Alenuihaha channel LIVE here at this site:

Departure time is July 2nd, 10-11AM Hawai’i Standard Time (HST) (UTC-10). The GPS devices will . . . → Read More: Live GPS Link

‘Alenuihāhā Channel Crossing Trailer

Hawai’i Kite Crossing Trailer from Aaron Culliney on Vimeo.

In summer 2010, Paul Franco and Aaron Culliney will attempt a first-time kite crossing of the ‘Alenuihāhā channel separating the Big Island of Hawai’i and Maui.

They follow in the wake of many other Hawaiian sailors ancient and modern . . . → Read More: ‘Alenuihāhā Channel Crossing Trailer

Hawaiian GPS sponsorship!

The Hawai’i Kite Crossing team is thrilled to get the sponsorship of Hawaiian GPS!

The team riders will be carrying GPS transmitters that will update their position in the next channel crossing every 30 seconds!

More details about the how to view the maps and training runs will be posted soon!

A . . . → Read More: Hawaiian GPS sponsorship!

Lana’i Crossing Video

Lanai Crossing 2010 from Paul Franco on Vimeo.

June,10 2010 Paul Franco & Aaron Culliney Crossed from Kanaha beach-Maui to Shipwreck beach-Lanai. First time ever on kites without a support boat. Over 50 miles in 3hrs. Here are some highlights of their journey…… . . . → Read More: Lana’i Crossing Video

Lana’i Crossing Completed!

On June 10th, Paul Franco and Aaron Culliney kitesurfed over fifty miles in three hours, crossing from Kanaha Maui to Shipwreck Beach on the island of Lana’i.

The crew rode Naish kites and were not followed by any support boats into the small craft advisory conditions in the channels.

This run was . . . → Read More: Lana’i Crossing Completed!